• MAJESTY Touring 2p Patrol Ski Poles


    Telescopic poles offer a full range of length adjustment and low weight, and can be gripped in a variety of ways, so whether you are traversing a steep slope or trudging through a Canadian forest, you can always support yourself confidently on the pole. The two-section telescopic poles are ideal for ski touring and ski mountaineering in technical terrain.

  • MAJESTY Touring Carbon 2p ski poles


    The lightest and most technologically advanced ski poles in our range.
    The ergonomic, extended handle is equipped with a special head for adjusting pads in pin bindings and an ultra-comfortable strap.

  • MAJESTY Scout Fixed Touring Ski Poles


    Touring fixed ski poles are our reliable poles with a long touring grip and vidia tip. They are built for touring and freetouring. Touring ski poles offer full range of adjustability, lightweight and different grip options for long tours and steep traverses. Touring 3-stage ski poles are great for ski alpinism and technical tours.

    All models are made of light, durable, eco-friendly and completely recyclable aluminium alloy 7075. New foam grip with lower tube provides lightweight and ergonomic comfort. The new seamless strap is made of high resistance polyester. 

    It is durable, light and breathable. Roundhead handle allows to hold the pole by the head, giving a supreme performance on flat areas and safety grip on steep ascents.