Replacement Lens for MAJESTY One11

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Gogle Replacement Lens for MAJESTY One11

  • Black Pearl VLT 12%
  • Blue Sapphire VLT 12%
  • Rainbow Opal VLT 13%
  • Clear Citron VLT 51%
  • Amber VLT 51%
  • Clear VLT 95%

The selection of goggle lenses for ski goggles is a very important element influencing comfort and safety on the slopes. All of our goggles are not only highly aesthetic pieces of equipment for the skier, but, above all, professional equipment with strictly defined parameters and ensuring specific properties.
The basic parameters for goggle lenses are CAT, or goggle category, and VLT Visible Light Transmission. VLT is responsible for representing how much percentage of natural light reaches the eye. The higher the VLT, the more light reaches the eyes.

Recommended use:

80-100%N/AN/AIdeal glasses for night driving, high light transmission.
43-80%1CitrineXenon HD moonstone i rose, Rose RevoIdeal glasses for driving in fog and heavy cloud cover.
18-43%2Pink amethyst, RoseGlasses that increase contrast and improve depth perception.
8-18%3Black pearl, Xenon HD red garnet, Ultraviolet, Fire opal, Indigo sapphire, Red RubyReduces eye fatigue. Suitable for driving on bright and sunny days.
3-8%4N/AGlasses for driving on very sunny days.