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Ice knives, harnesses, are additional accessories which enable a skiable skier to move on skis on steep ascents or on icy snow. They are used when the use of skins is insufficient and there is a risk of uncontrolled slipping during the ascent.

Harnesses, ice knives, crampons

ATK ice knives are the lightest knives available on the market thanks to an innovative heat treatment. They are strong and flexible thanks to a reduced material thickness (2mm). Available in 7 different sizes, these knives are designed and manufactured from the finest aluminum alloys. The aggressive shape of the blades allows maximum grip on even the hardest and most icy snow. There are 4 small holes in the product that provide an extra option to attach them to your boots with a lanyard.

How to choose ice knives/harnesses?

Ice knives must not be smaller than the smallest width of the ski. This means that in case of a ski that is 94 mm wide we should choose a harness that is at least 95 mm wide or wider.


  • 75 mm – 62 g
  • 86 mm – 65 g
  • 91 mm – 68 g
  • 97 mm – 72 g
  • 102 mm – 74 g
  • 108 mm – 76 g
  • 120 mm – 79 g
  • 135 mm – 142 g

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86 mm, 91 mm, 97 mm, 102 mm, 108 mm, 120 mm, 135 mm, 75 mm