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Havoc’s 100 Ti construction combined with 4×4 design concept delivers incredible maneuverability while the unique combination of triax fiberglass, contour shaped titanal plate and durable engineered wood core embraces high performance and just the right amount of 3D flex.

MAJESTY Havoc 100 Ti Skis

Havoc 100 Ti is the newest addition to our freeride collection equipped with contour-shaped titanal layer.
It is an ultimate all-terrain skiing with true cross-over performance. HAVOC 100 Ti is a powerful and responsive, 100 mm wide freeride ski, and was constructed to deliver maximum precision.
The narrowest ski in our freeride range, the Havoc 100 Ti was built for skiers who desire high performance freeride skiing in the all-mountain setting. This is your go-to product when looking for nimble yet verY sturdy OFF-PISTE skis.

TITANAL freeride skis

Our freeride range is equipped with contour-shaped titanal layer. These are technical, high performance, freeride skis that were built for speed, stability, responsiveness, seamless power transmission and overall strong edge-to-edge skiing. At this level of skiing, you know exactly what you need. You’re looking for a stiff, stable, directional freeride platform that can handle whatever you throw its way.
The new 4R sidecut makes turns easier, giving more confidence, stability and control on all types of terrain. New 4R rocker tip reduces drag, maximize control and top speed. With Havoc 100 Ti, you can use the edge, keeping it engaged for longer and getting more out of the turn. You can do short sharp turns; long big mountain turns and release when needed. Havoc 100 Ti is fast and at the same time very adaptive, it is smooth in turns no matter how fast you are going and no matter the conditions. It’s a great technical everyday freeride ski.


For whom?

Skier looking for:

  • a versatile freeride ski for all terrain
  • an agile and robust ski that bridges 2 worlds – freeride and all-mountain


  • construction: semi-hybrid (4×4 rocker in tip/camber)
  • shape: directional ski
  • flex: directional
  • flex value: 8
  • rocker type: 240mm (in the tip)
  • glass fabric: three- and four-way glass fabrics
  • core: poplar and ash wood core
  • glide: high-speed glide IS7200
  • additional construction elements: raised heel, profiled titanal plate
  • purpose: freeride


164 cm 130-100-114 mm 21.0 m
170 cm 130-100-115 mm 21.0 m
176 cm 130-100-115 mm 21.0 m 1820 g
182 cm 131-100-116 mm 23.0 m 1960 g
188 cm 131-100-116 mm 23.0 m

Freeride Re//Defined

Adventure skiing not limited by any boundaries – one pair of skis that works in all snow conditions. Dynamic responsiveness and unmatched skiing stability even in the sketchiest weather and terrain.
Freeride Ti range utilizes our revolutionary 4×4 Design Concept (4Radius sidecut x 4Radius rocker) which greatly enhances stability and provides superior turn control at both high and low speed. Built with big mountain lines in mind, the Havoc’s 100 Ti shape enhanced by the 4Radius sidecut gives you the functionality of quick and maneuverable skis even in tight spaces. It all adds up to a ski meant to be as enjoyable day-in and day-out, no matter what type of terrain lies ahead.

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