Replacement Lens for Hypervision citrine

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Wymienna szyba do gogli MAJESTY Spare Lens for Hypervision citrine

Hypervision is a modern type of oversized goggles with big spherical lens placed outside the frame.

Futuristic yet ergonomic frame design and re-engineered lens attachments delivers majestic peripheral vision.

They come equipped with:

  • extremely wide field of view (horizontal and vertical)
  • oversized, ergonomic frame design
  • increased peripheral vision
  • triple layer density foam
  • mould injected base frame
  • double spherical mirror lens
  • seamless goggle-to-frame compatibility
  • quick and easy lens change system
  • helmet compatible frame
  • anti-fog and anti-smudge coating
  • 3D channel ventilation concept
  • full UV protection
  • adjustable strap
  • microfibre pouch

Ski goggle selection:

The selection of glasses for ski goggles is a very important element influencing comfort and safety during mountain excursions. All our goggles are not only aesthetically pleasing elements of the skier’s equipment, but, first and foremost, professional equipment with strictly specified parameters and excellent properties.
The basic parameters of ski goggle lenses are CAT, i.e. the goggle category, and VLT Visible Light Transmission.

The CAT parameter defines the range of the goggle category, while the VLT is responsible for representing how much natural light reaches the eye. The higher the VLT rating, the more light reaches the eyes. The Majesty Celano goggle’s CAT.0 and VLT rating of 83% is a goggle designed for night riding and artificial light conditions. The windscreen transmits 83% of light directly to the eye.


Black pearl 12% 3
Blue sapphire 14% 3
Red ruby 15% 3
Citrine 55% 1