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    CarbonLightenTechnology combines the low weight needed for long tours with the freeride performance to ski powder and steep couloirs.

    Deroyer CLT is a perfect ski to handle diverse conditions, fresh tracks and steep lines. Ideal for weight-conscious touring and backcountry trips where technical precision and performance are equally important.

    Its light weight delivers incredible maneuverability while the unique combination of full carbon layup,  carbon/Kevlar fibers and durable engineered wood core embraces high performance.


    From:  749

    Superlight, nimble stubby that literally skis everything.

    Supernova hits all the marks as a stand out performer from shrilling hardpack
    to floating through powder and with its remarkable edge grip it skis extremely
    well in all conditions. We have equipped our new re-engendered skis with a
    flat tail, rocketed tip, semi-cap construction, paulownia wood core, full carbon
    layup and carbon-aramid fibers. This allowed us to build ultra-lightweight skis
    that support dynamic responsiveness and unmatched skiing stability even in
    the sketchiest weather and terrain conditions.


    From:  699

    Werewolf CLT is the ultimate, multi-purpose ski designed for advanced ski-mountaineering and skimo touring. The Carbon-LightenTechnology (CLT) provides carbon conruion, ultra-lightweight performance and versatility that encourages you to push harder and farther.

    Werewolf CLT is a high- performance ski mountaineerring tool. We have designed Werewolf CLT skis using the highe quality materials: paulownia wood core, ash inserts, full carbon layup and carbon-Kevlar fibers. This allowed us to build ultra-lightweight skis that support dynamic reonsiveness and unmatched skiing ability even in the sketchie weather conditions.

    The new, ultra-lightweight Werewolf CLT can charge in a variety of snow conditions.

  • WEREWOLF wooden Skis

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    Modern touring skis, classic edition.

    Werewolf is a free touring, all-terrain ski perfect for multipurpose skiing
    where performance and versatility are essential.
    The new Werewolf has been exclusively designed with a beautiful
    veneer top sheet and a classic matt finish. This ski shares the exact
    geometry of the full carbon layup Werewolf CLT. Handcrafted wooden
    skis with detailed finish, long life wood core flex and timeless wooden
    design. Werewolf was created for the efficiency conscious free-tourers
    and ski-mountaineers, who are uncompromising when it comes to
    quality and versatility.