MAJESTY Superpatrol advanced tourning skis

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Great performance and edge grip.
Superpatrol is the latest cutting-edge product build for demanding, advance skiers and mountain professionals.

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Great performance and edge grip.
Superpatrol is the latest cutting-edge product build for demanding, advance skiers and mountain professionals.

Technical skit skis

Superpatrol is the latest cutting-edge product built for demanding, advanced skiers and mountain professionals. Extremely stable, precise and responsive. Designed with flat tails, rocker tips, semi-cap topsheet, triax fiberglass and our cut-off tail technology (COT), all wrapped around a light paulownia wood core. This recipe created shorter skis with the binding position shifted slightly toward the tail producing very agile skis and versatile skis. Although the overall length may appear shorter, there are no compromises around usability – the effective edge extends nearly the entire length of the ski. With the Superpatrol solution, you can ski a shorter and lighter ski with the confidence of a big and heavy ripper. The crisp and vivid look of our new touring range is inspired by the CMYK standard. The Superpatrol has a flashy magenta color spiced with SKAND A21 metallic finish.

For whom?

Skier looking for:

  • technical skit skis for rescuers and mountain guides
  • stability, precision and responsiveness
  • flat heel and tip with rocker

MAJESTY Superpatrol advanced tourning skies ski mountaineering


  • construction: semi hybrid (camber/front rocker)
  • shape: directional
  • flex: directional
  • flex ratio 7
  • rocker type: 250 mm (tips)
  • fiberglass: triax + biax
  • core: paulownia wood core
  • base: fast base IS7200
  • extras: arched tails, textolite plates,
  • tail designed for mounting skins
  • designed for: touring, freetouring

COT technology (cut-off tail)

By reducing the tail length and moving the skier’s stance back we have created quicker turning and more versatile skis. The notable length and weight reduction was achieved without compromising any functionality. In fact Superpatrol’s usability has been increased – the longer contact edge allows you to ski even shorter skis than what has been previously considered functional.


The Carbon construction is our lightest and most exclusive construction using the lightest biaxial carbon. Why Biaxial carbon? By customising carbon fibre orientation between 0°, 30° and 45°, we can control, optimise and add flex without losing stiffness or responsiveness. Carbon skis offer more feel, more responsiveness and more flex than conventional skis.

Superpatrol – size, sidecut, radius, weight

161 cm 126-93-108 mm 16.0 m 1470 g
169 cm 128-94-110 mm 17.5 m 1500 g
177 cm 130-95-112 mm 19.0 m 1580 g
185 cm 132-96-114 mm 20.5 m 1660 g

*The turning radius shown above refers to the geometric values of an unloaded ski. When skiing, the actual achieved turning radius is very much influenced by the speed, skiing style, weight of the raider and the type of ground.

How to choose skis?

≤160 cm 161 cm
161-170 cm 161 cm 169 cm
171-180 cm 169 cm 177 cm 177 cm
181-190 cm 177 cm 177 cm 185 cm
≥191 cm 185 cm 185 cm 185 cm

MAJESTY Superpatrol advanced tourning skies ski mountaineering 2

MAJESTY Touring Range

Touring Re//Defined
Touring is about weight conscious approach, all-round performance and high quality skiing in diverse terrain. Using the whole length of the contact edge enhances grip, control and drive in the turns. The shape and profile of the camber gives perfect responsiveness, great power transmission and smooth edge-to-edge ride.