MAJESTY Supernova Carbon Touring Skis

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Touring Re//Defined 

Touring is about weight conscious approach, all-round performance and high quality skiing in diverse terrain. 

Using the whole length of the contact edge enhances grip, control and drive in the turns.

The shape and profile of the camber gives perfect responsiveness, great power transmission and smooth edge-to-edge ride.


The next generation of hi-end touring binding.
Majesty R12 is lighter than the most of tech touring bindings (330grams) and is stiffer than most of freeride bindings available on the market.
It offers easy and solid step-in system, incredible torsional stiffness and is constructed with an implementation of several patented systems that significantly increase functionality and performance.
R12 is a reliable, robust, cnc-machined tool that gives the highest skiing performance even in the most extreme conditions.
A new fully-adjustable Freeride Spacer is available as an accessory and supplies precision and power transmission that were previously reserved only for racing alpine bindings.


C-CREST 10 is the most versatile binding in our touring category.

New carbon-composite toe piece offers heavy duty construction at the lowest weight of 290 grams.
Its lightweight allows long excursions and steep climbs, while the unique technical features of the heel part extend its use to the most extreme descents.
The new toe piece, made out with 30% carbon reinforced composite represents an innovative structural design and a great weight/stiffness ratio.
The new construction reduces the possibility of snow/ice getting under toe piece locking system.
Simple and reliable locking system, very low weight, great performance and stability.
Thanks to that features C-Crest 10 is a perfect choice for touring and all-round enthusiasts.


Ice knives, harnesses, are additional accessories which enable a skiable skier to move on skis on steep ascents or on icy snow. They are used when the use of skins is insufficient and there is a risk of uncontrolled slipping during the ascent.

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MAJESTY Super Supernova CLIMBING / TOURING SKI SKINS (Hot-melt Glue)

Super skins mix mohair skin range was developed for everyday use. Super skins deliver balanced combination of excellent grip and gliding.
We recommend this product to everyone who is looking for great all-round performance and durability.

Majesty Hybrid Gamma CLIMBING / TOURING SKI SKINS (Supernova)

The new benchmark for climbing skins!
The perfect skin for extensive and demanding tours.
The unique hybrid adhesive consists of two different layers of technical glue which provide both a perfect bond between the glue and the back of the skin as well as perfect tack to the ski base preventing snow from entering between ski and skin.

MAJESTY Vertical Supernova CLIMBING / TOURING SKI SKINS (Smart Glue)

Perfect grip and ideal climbing properties – for high peaks and low temperatures!

Vertical skins are made with robust mix mohair and aramid fibres that feature high abrasion resistance. This combination provides perfect grip and make the skin extremely durable.

Fiberseal Technology supports waterproof skin structure and prevents water absorption. Thanks to this technology Vertical skins are perfect for long ski tours in various snow condition.

The Smart Glue is designed especially for low temperatures and provides grip even at freezing temperatures due to its excellent adhesive power. It is extremely convenient for every day use and guarantees easy removal of the skins.

Smart glue sticks to your ski completely without glue, does not require a separating foil and allows easy cleaning of the adhesive surfaces.

The last but not the least - flexible fastening system and accurately sealed, laser cut edges assure the perfect fit.


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MAJESTY Supernova Carbon Mountaineering Skis

Supernova hits all the marks as a stand out performer from shrilling hardpack to floating through powder and with its remarkable edge grip it skis extremely well in all conditions. 

We have equipped our new re-engendered skis with a flat tail, rocker tip, semi-cap construction, paulownia wood core, full carbon layup and carbon-aramid fibers. 

This allowed us to build ultra-lightweight skis that support dynamic responsiveness and unmatched skiing stability even in the sketchiest weather and terrain conditions. 

COT technology (cut-off tail)
By reducing the tail length and moving the skier’s stance back we have created quicker turning and more versatile skis.
The notable length and weight reduction was achieved without compromising any functionality.
In fact Supernova’s usability has been increased – the longer contact edge allows you to ski even shorter skis than what has been previously considered functional.

By reducing the tail length and moving the skier back we have created quicker turning and more versatile skis. 

The notable length and weight reduction was achieved without compromising any functionality. 


construction: semi hybrid (camber/front early taper rocker)
shape: directional
flex: directional
flex ratio: 7
rocker type: 250mm (tips)
fiberglass: triax
full carbon/kevlar fiber construction
core: paulownia wood core
base: fast base IS7200
extras: carbon/kevlar fibres, textolite plates,
re-designed tail for mounting skins
designed for: freetouring



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Brake Width

102mm, 108mm


Brake Width

102mm, 108mm



86 mm, 91 mm, 97 mm, 102 mm, 108 mm, 120 mm

MAJESTY Super Supernova CLIMBING / TOURING SKI SKINS (Hot-melt Glue)

Skin length

161 cm, 169 cm, 177 cm, 185 cm

MAJESTY Vertical Supernova CLIMBING / TOURING SKI SKINS (Smart Glue)

Skin length

161 cm, 169 cm, 177 cm