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MAJESTY Adventure All Mountain / Resort Skis


Majesty resort range is highly versatile and was built with the adventure in mind. 

It was created to deliver proper products for resort skiers looking for precise, high quality and elegant skis.

Adventure skis handle most snow conditions, they are quick and intuitive. They also offer perfect grip and snow contact through the entire turn. 

The resort range is handcrafted with the highest quality components and is designed to be used without a binding plate, resulting in additional weight savings

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MAJESTY Adventure All Mountain / Resort Skis

All-mountain skis for exploring the entire mountain.

Adventure is an ultimate all-terrain ski that delivers sharp, precise turns and provides high-end performance at high speeds. 

Auto-rockered tip makes it easy to initiate and drive into each turn. Poplar and ash wooden ski core offers liveliness and responsiveness. We have introduced semi-cap construction for increased durability and flex distribution.

Adventure skis feel strong and stable when charging down the pistes.


construction: hybrid (camber/auto rocker)
shape: directional
flex: directional
flex ratio: 6
fiberglass: triax
core: tip-to-tail wood core (poplar and ash)
base: fast base IS7200
extras: protective gum zones, durable sturdy brushed top sheet
designed for: all-mountain



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