MAJESTY The Force Spherical Magnetic Ski Goggles black frame / fire opal lens

Price:  159.00


The Force goggles feature innovative magnetic technology that makes lens replacement incredibly fast and accurate. Now, you can easily adapt to changing visibility and weather conditions. The Force uses magnetic precision and even when you don’t align the lens correctly, The Force will self-correct and ensure a perfect fit.

You can even swap lenses without first taking off the goggles and with the goggle frame still strapped to your head, the magnetic force will ensure a secure, perfect lens fit and seal with the frame, every time.  Nine magnets are placed in the frame while another set of magnets is placed in the lens. This ensures effortless self-alignment, a very secure lens to frame seal and the overall process of replacing the lens is much easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.


ergonomic frame design (pre-pressed for extr
• mould injected frame
• double spherical mirror lens placed in a nnoframe
• magnetic quick-change lens system
• minimalistic, clean design
• 9 connection points, 18 magnets (placed in
frame and lens)
• seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal
• effortless self-alignment
• wide field of view, both horizontal and vertical
• helmet compatible frame
• triple density foam (including mesh finishing)
• anti-fog and anti-smudge coating
• frame ventilated system at the top and bottom
of goggles not included in photochromic lens goggles
• 100% UV protection
• matt finish frame
• adjustable strap with Majesty logo
• includes compression-molded storage case
and microfiber goggle bag for storage and
cleaning the lens

The Force S feature also double silicone stripe on
the goggle strap to keep your goggles in place.

Frame/lens color:

black frame/fire opal lens – transmission 14% – cat.3 + citrine – transmission 54% – cat.1

Christmas promotion rules: Only the goggle package with goggles is refundable. For one pair of magnetic goggles you can add one pair of Pro Tour sunglasses. When buying the bundle, 1 EUR will be deducted from the goggles price, for which the glasses are sold.