Wyprzedaż Narty SUPERNOVA 2018

Narty SUPERNOVA 2018



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A nimble stubby that literally skis everything.

Supernova hits all the marks as a stand out performer from shrilling hardpack to floating through powder and with its remarkable edge grip it skis extremely well in all conditions. A combination of the traditional wood core and the latest carbon fiber technology allowed us to build these true hi-performance, all-mountain freeride skis. Supernova is equipped with a flat tail, rockered tip, full carbon layup, semi-cap construction and special heels for attaching skins. By reducing the tail length and moving the skier back we have created quicker turning and more versatile skis.

The notable length and weight reduction was achieved without compromising any functionality. In fact Supernova’s usability has been increased with the longer contact edge that allows you to ski even shorter skis than what has been previously considered functional. When it comes to real adventure skis, whether it is a trip to Røldal, Chamonix or Alaska, you just need one tool in your quiver and Supernova is it!

You can now experience the future of high performance freeskiing with one pair of skis to replace a garage full of overly specialized confusion.

Designed for powder freeride, all-terrain.


  • construction: semi hybrid + early rise rocker
  • shape: directional
  • flex: directional
  • flex ratio: 7
  • rocker type: 250mm (tips)
  • fiberglass: triax, carbon/kevlar
  • + full carbon layup
  • core: tip-to-tail wood core
  • (poplar and ash)
  • base: fast base IS7200


  • carbon layup,
  • carbon/kevlar fibers,
  • redesigned tails for mounting skins

Size/sidecut/radius/weight 1 ski:

  • 169cm/134-101-118mm/17,0m/
  • 177cm/136-103-120mm/19,6m/1,750kg
  • 185cm/138-105-122mm/22,2m/

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