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    High performance all-mountain skis.

    ADVENTURE GT W skis were built to deliver increased
    precision, stability and awesome edge-hold.
    They are women specific skis that are rock solid for short
    and long turns. They handle also high levels of speed.

    ADVENTURE GT W skis are equipped with carbon-aramid
    stringer for increased rigidity, torsion and fast

    Auto-rockered tip makes it easy to initiate and drive into
    each turn.


    From:  499  299

    All-mountain skis for exploring
    the entire mountain.

    ADVENTURE W are a top-performer on groomed snow.
    Poplar and ash wooden ski core offers liveliness and
    responsiveness. The women specific flex pattern of the
    ski gives it a nimble feel.

    Auto-rockered tip makes it easy to initiate and drive into
    each turn. We have introduced semi-cap construction
    for increased durability and flex distribution.

    ADVENTURE W skis are lightweight, easy to handle and
    deliver sharp, precise turns.


    From:  429  257

    The new best friend for all the la- dies who wish to embark on a free- style adventure!

    Local Beauty have a soft and forgiv- ing flex, are pretty lightweight (and pretty too!). The full camber con- struction allows for an increased edge-hold, better riding stability and enhanced carve abilities. Local Beauties are fun, easy and comfort- able to handle, and are full of pop. Directional flex makes steering in every terrain as easy as ABC. The camber suspension supports and absorbs the impacts of flat landings and choppy terrain. Equipped with fast base and up- graded wood core for better perfor- mance.

    Dear Ladies – go wild this season and enjoy the ride! A thing of (Local) beauty is a joy forever!

    Designed for all mountain.

  • VELVET Skis

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    Velvet are lightweight backcountry skis designed with all the adven- ture seeking ladies in mind.

    Hybrid construction enables effortless rides in any terrain. While rocker supports better float in powder, camber increases responsiveness, makes landings smoother and edge grip more secure. The special freeride 90° sidewall construction enhances riding properties and makes servicing of the skis easier. Versatility is definitely a great upshot here as there’s really no need to swap your gear when switching between freeride and backcountry freestyle. A combination of Triax and Biax fiberglass and tip to tail light weight engineered wood core gives you great flex and control. Velvet are perfect for floating in deep powder and riding fast lines on the wildest of slopes. It is time to rule the mountain with a Velvet glove!

    Now equipped with durable, long lasting sturdy top sheet construction.

  • VIXEN Skis

    From:  649  389

    Vixen is a hi-performance freeride ski for ladies searching for serious fun.

    TEffortless in turn initiation it delivers stability and perfect edge grip. Vixen’s flagship features include dynamic responsiveness and precise handling in difficult terrain. In a nutshell, versatility is its middle name. The elliptical rocker technology (ERT) lets the Vixen glide over snow surface without creating any unnecessary drag which in turn allows for a faster, lighter and more effortless ride. The optimal amount of camber provides solid grip even in the iciest conditions and it supports uncompromised riding flow and precision. Vixens are the perfect skis for even the most demanding female freeriders. Wherever the limits of your ambition may be, Vixen will take you there and you’ll never look back.

    Now equipped with durable, long lasting sturdy top sheet construc- tion and redesigned tail heels for mounting skins.