From:  549  329

    Accurate tool to help you reign
    everything from park to pipe.

    Crowbar is a true twin shape with front auto rocker.
    Perfect whatever you ride, switch or regular. Camber
    supports instant grip, ultra fast response, and cushions
    the impact of big air landings.

    Carbon-kevlar stringers give you an increased tip-to-tail
    pop and response. Special 2,5mm steel impact edges
    will easily endure intense rail sessions. Long life flex,
    power, precision, extra pop and an extremely fast and
    durable base.


    From:  549  329

    Dirty Bear is our most versatile and well-rounded ski that combines the best of freeride and freestyle.

    In a nutshell it is, most likely, the perfect all-terrain ski. Semi hybrid construction and the 150mm/5mm early rise at the tips enable top performance on hard packed snow without compromising your terrain rides. Get ready to experience the true feel and flex of tip to tail wood core, the snappy camber suspension and directional twin-tip shape. The freeride-style 90° sidewall construction enhances riding properties and makes servicing of the ski much easier. Special glossy finish on the top sheet gives that extra touch of finesse to the overall design and the graphics simply cannot go unnoticed. Easy to handle and fast to respond, the Dirty Bear lets you flourish wherever you roam.

    We guarantee that our Bears never heard of winter hibernation, so let them growl even louder this season!

    Designed for all mountain.


    From:  429  257

    The new best friend for all the la- dies who wish to embark on a free- style adventure!

    Local Beauty have a soft and forgiv- ing flex, are pretty lightweight (and pretty too!). The full camber con- struction allows for an increased edge-hold, better riding stability and enhanced carve abilities. Local Beauties are fun, easy and comfort- able to handle, and are full of pop. Directional flex makes steering in every terrain as easy as ABC. The camber suspension supports and absorbs the impacts of flat landings and choppy terrain. Equipped with fast base and up- graded wood core for better perfor- mance.

    Dear Ladies – go wild this season and enjoy the ride! A thing of (Local) beauty is a joy forever!

    Designed for all mountain.


    From:  599  359

    The top choice for backcountry powder action.

    Superior are hybrid technology skis that bring together a perfect combo of float with all the benefits and ease of rocker with the snappy suspension and control of the camber. Lively in powder and shock-absorbing in rough terrain or chewed-up conditions, the Superior is an absolute must-have for backcountry, deep powder and off-piste enthusiasts. The freeride style sidewall design increases the riding properties even more and makes proper servicing of the skis much easier. Spin off the cliffs and kickers, blast from stash to stash, slash the wave… Want more? Wait, there actually is more! Switching between freeride and backcountry freestyle all the time? No need to change gear anymore because the Superior skis are so versatile that they have all of this covered.

    There’s a reason for their superiority, after all.

    Designed for backcountry, freeride.

  • VANDAL 3.0 Skis

    From:  499  299

    Vandal 3.0 gives you the feel of wood core, versatility,
    soft flex and enhanced carve abilities. They are wide,
    true twin tips with extra sidecut. Re-designed hybrid
    construction featuring new camber-rocker line and
    tip&tails profiles.

    While camber supports edge-hold, control and cushions
    the impact of flat landings, rocker improves the float
    and allows for an effortless all-terrain ride even in deeper
    snow. Buttering and pillows shredding have never been

    Imagine mountains as a natural snow park.